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Mindfulness in Nature at the Growing Center

On March 14, the Growing Center hosted Zeenat Potia, a local meditation and mindfulness teacher, for Being in Nature: Mindfulness for Children on Zoom.

This program was the third in our series examining the important role nature can play in mental health.

Warmly engaging, Zeenat shared how being mindful of moments in nature can help children (and adults) notice day-to-day feelings, observations, and how to handle difficult emotions.

She used song, movements, animal yoga, breathing, and a mindful glitter jar to demonstrate tools that can be helpful. The children shared their observations, how the senses relate to their understanding of these concepts, and practiced the pose of the cheetah, dog, and bear. They ended the class taking mindful breaths with a stuffed animal on their bellies, noticing their bellies going up and down.

We so appreciate the generosity of Zeenat and look forward to hosting her again in person at the Growing Center when we are able. She also warmly welcomed the families to participate in The Little Buddhas class, sponsored by the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.

If you’d like to see this video, along with other videos about nature’s importance on mental health, Nature and Mental Health with Andi Dickmeyer, River of Life with Cathy Haines, please see the virtual programming we offer on our website.



Spring is coming, spring is coming,

Birdies build your nests.

Weave together straw and feather,

Doing each your best.

Spring is coming, spring is coming,

Flowers are coming too.

Crocus, lilies, daffo-dillies,

All are coming through.

Spring is coming, spring is coming,

All around is fair.

Shimmer, quiver, on the river,

Joy is everywhere.

Make your own glitter jar.

Animal Yoga and Mindfulness for children books:

Finding Om by Rashmi Bismark, MD, MPH, Illustrator: Morgan Huff,

Sailaja Joshi of Mango and Marigold reads, Finding Om in a recorded garden story-time at the Growing Center.

IT’S TIME FOR YOGA, By Tara Rachel Jones, Illustrator Aaron Livingston Jones

Little Yogi Deck, by Crystal McCreary


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