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  • Rachael Brady

Earth Day 2024: Pollinators, Plantings and Possibilities!

On Saturday, April 20, the sun peeked out and 182 attendees and volunteers celebrated Earth Day in Somerville’s favorite community backyard, The Growing Center. Scattered throughout the garden, volunteers and partner organizations came together to share information about climate change, the environment, and sustainability, create art, and enjoy music and nature. 

We learned about city initiatives to be more sustainable from the City of Somerville Office of Sustainability and Environment. We explored examples of food that can be made at home from local produce like pickles, jams, fermented dairy, and mushrooms. 

We planted seedlings in newspaper pots that are safe to put in the ground with Somerville Community Gardeners. “The idea is that they’ll learn this skill and they can use it forever,” said Pam, one of the community gardeners about the practice of reusing newspaper as pots that can go right in the ground.

We learned about composting and local advocacy. We created a beautiful nature loom using all natural materials including branches and flowers. 

We collaged our relationships with nature using recycled materials with local artist, Florinda Freda. “All the pieces of papers are cut out from different advertisements and newspapers to be recycled [for an Earth collage]…everything blue that I could find!” Florinda said. For Earth Day, Florinda’s artwork, Mother Earth's Call: A Reflection on Climate Change, is featured at the Somerville Public Library - check it out!

We listened to local musical duo, Green Peppercorn. And with Earthwise Aware, we learned about biodiversity and pollinators and the Somerville Pollinator Action Plan, and we even got to make our own buttons.

It’s always exciting to foster knowledge sharing and creativity here at the Growing Center. Even though everyday feels like Earth Day at the Growing Center, the change in seasons and our official Earth Day celebration is a special reminder to be kind to the Earth and always keep learning how we can be better stewards together.

Come hang out in nature with us at open hours this spring:

Thursdays, 4:30-6:30 pm

Saturdays, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sundays, 12:00-2:00 pm


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