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Upcoming Committee Meetings:



Next Meeting: Sunday, February 12, 9:30 am (in person!)

Email: Betsy, for location info! Join us!

Info: We will be making an outreach plan for the year, scheduling and assigning blog posts, brainstorming newsletter ideas and divvying up graphics/design work. New suggestions welcome for any outreach, social media, etc.


Winter Activity Hours Facilitators Needed!

As we move towards the winter months, we plan to pause Open Hours for the colder season. But we would love to offer occasional outdoor nature-themed activities. Would you like to support the garden being open during the winter? Have an idea about a winter workshop or activity you would like to run? Get in touch with to offer something. Hours are any Saturdays, 10 am - 12 pm and any Sundays, 12-2 pm. 


Snow Team

Snow is coming! Someday! Want to help keep the center open and accessible through the snowy months? We need folks to be on our snow team! Contact for more information.


Maple Syrup Project Volunteers

January-March 2023, prep tasks in December 2022

Help us prepare supplies for the annual Maple Syrup Project, help collect and transport maple sap, provide hands-on assistance and/or educational activity support for hopefully two Maple Boil events in February and March. Contact

Ongoing Opportunities:


The Growing Center offers many flexible and relaxing opportunities to volunteer time and skills, both outdoors and indoors, even if your schedule is unpredictable! Some are ongoing and open to everyone, and others are best suited for volunteers who have attended one of our volunteer orientations.

We use our newsletter to announce general, all-inclusive volunteer opportunities, as well as upcoming free programming events, and volunteer orientations. To sign up, go here.

Volunteer Orientations are held second Saturday and fourth Tuesday of the month. Sign up here!

Join the Growing Center's Compost Team

Want to learn more about turning food waste into healthy soil? Join the Growing Center's Compost Team. You'll get training on how to support and manage a community compost system while making use of your own household food scraps.
Contact: for more details.

Volunteer Open Garden hosts Needed! 

Tasks: Hosts open up the garden, set up FCGC table, welcome visitors, track and report attendance. Open Hours are Tuesdays 3:00-5:00; Saturdays 10:00 am - 12:00 pm; and Sundays 12:00-2:00 pm. 

Contact: Morgan,

Strategic Planning Team

Have any background in organizational or non-profit planning? Just interested in participating as a stakeholder in how we (re)envision the next 3-5 years? Participation commitments can vary; outreach, weekly to monthly meetings. We’d love your help, knowledge and experience! This important team’s background work towards development of a strategic plan will produce significant outcomes, leading the Center into the next decade, with shared commitment to the organization’s renewed mission, vision, values, capacities and potential. Contact Lisa at


Help with planning for a Traveling Exhibit

For our 30th anniversary, we are exploring the idea of an exhibit exploring the residents and citizens of Somerville and the impact the Growing Center has had (and is having) on them. If you have curating or exhibit experience, graphic design, framing, event planning, etc, let us know if you would be interested in joining our team!

Contact: Betsy or Lisa

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