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Open Hours Are Expanding! And Our Evening Hours Will be Earlier!

We are adding Open Hours for the fall! With these new times, we hope to increase accessibility to a greater variety of Somerville residents to enjoy the winding walks, herbs gardens, sunshine, and nature watching afforded by our slice of greenery in the city. New Hours are Friday mornings, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. With the days growing shorter, we're also moving our Tuesday Open Hours to an earlier time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm for the rest of October. (And 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm for November.) This is in addition to our Saturday Open Hours, which remain 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please be sure to check our calendar, here, to confirm exact dates and times before planning to visit. We are still filling vol

Maura Mendoza is "Going to the Growing Center!"

The Growing Center has a new song! “Going to the Growing Center” was written especially for us by the Salvadoran singer, Maura Mendoza. Maura is known in our community for her beautiful voice and fun shows. Whether she is singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Hindi, Maura delights audiences wherever she goes. We were so pleased that Maura could do a mini-concert at the end of August as part of our music series funded by the Somerville Arts Council. Because of COVID-19, we have been recording performances in the garden and posting videos from time to time on our website. For Maura’s mini-concert, we were able to even have a small audience––socially distanced and wearing masks, of cours

A note from Parts & Crafts!

I want to share some pictures and stories with you from my "Art en Plein Air" class with Parts and Crafts. We had such a wonderful time at the Somerville Growing Center for the month of August. The kids loved spending their mornings surrounded by the beauty of the garden and making art inspired by the flowers and wildlife that came and went. We saw a variety of birds flying in and out feeding on seeds, fruits and insects. Ones that really caught our attention were the bright yellow and black goldfinches swooping up and down and landing on flowers and in the trees. For some kids, this was the first time they ever saw one. We found a cicada molt attached to a low tree branch where kids were a

Virtual Yoga for Kids Comes to the Growing Center!

Hi Growing Center friends! My name is Eidy and I work as a Head Start Education Specialist and Teacher's Coach and––as of recently––a Children’s Yoga Teacher. I love practicing mindfulness!!! I had noticed its wonderful effects on my own life and feelings. "WOW!!!" I thought, "This amazing thing needs to be spread and shared with every being alive in this world." And so, first, I wanted to start with my community: Our Somerville/Cambridge Head Start children, families, and staff! Last summer, I started a pilot mindfulness program for some of our childcare classrooms, and during the regular school year I continued to introduce, share, and practice yoga!! In our practice, I tried to have conv

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