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A Dedicated Volunteer, A Generous Grant!

We are so excited to announce that one of our volunteers, Rachael Aresco, recently applied for and received an Employee Community Volunteer Award from Boston Children’s Hospital, where she works - an award of $5,000 that will go directly to the Growing Center to support our work! The Center was also recognized by BCH for its outstanding community service.

So this month we honor and recognize Rachael, not only for securing us a $5,000 award that will go toward providing key programs here at the Center, but also for the hours and dedication she puts into her year-round work as a volunteer and Children In Nature Initiative (CINI) Committee member. It is volunteers like her that we rely on so heavily to ensure our programs run smoothly and effectively, given the size of our organization and small amount of staff hours we have.

Just a few weeks ago, at the start of spring, Rachael sat with some children at the Center while they worked on making cardboard nature looms. She shared information on the dried and fresh plant material and helped them forage responsibly in the garden.

"I appreciate her ability to jump right in, to communicate well, and her critical thinking and time spent sharing reflections," remarks Paula Jordan, Site Coordinator and CINI Coordinator at the Center.

Rachael has spent the past three years assisting in a variety of programs and events for the Growing Center from Farmer’s Market tabling to hosting seed classes on Saturday mornings. When children from the YMCA come to visit for field trips, Rachael is one to count on. She has helped teach these children about botany, weather, and wildlife through activities like pollinating, honey bee catching, seed sorting, and pickling. 

Rachael’s friendly and warm demeanor is very much appreciated in her interactions with the public and visiting school and partner groups. The kids always enjoy her calm and helpful presence. We are so lucky to have you on our volunteer team, Rachael!

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Rachael Aresco
Rachael Aresco
Jun 25

This is lovely. Thank you to the Growing Center Team! It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful community. I am always happy to help such a great cause. Looking forward to spending more time at the Growing Center this summer. :) - Rachael

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