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Dirt and a Little Bit of Magic: Mud Kitchen Play at Nature Garden Playschool

This week, Lauren Evans from The Monarch Studio dropped off a mud kitchen for the preschool groups that have been visiting this winter to use. Lauren has been designing mud kitchens and sensory bins for several years now. She also runs arts classes for kids using her bins and kitchens. Lauren hopes that mud kitchens support more outdoor play. What is a mud kitchen? It can be as simple as a few items like old pots and pans with wooden spoons or other unbreakable cooking ware sitting over a tree root, stump, or forest floor, or a piece of wood over logs or concrete blocks, an old table or one made by Lauren. Previously, our mud kitchen consisted of a long plank of wood over two logs. We had

Enjoying the Growing Center all winter long!

It may be cold outside, but don't forget that the Growing Center can be enjoyed all year round! For folks interested in visiting the site this winter, we've put together some information to help guide your use of the grounds. Winter Use Guidelines at the Growing Center: Please enjoy the garden and help create a welcoming, safe space for everyone! Snow! If you are the first one visiting after a snow fall and physically able, please remove snow around the front gate and shovel a path to the port-a-potty. Sand can be spread from the white bucket near the shed on any ice. A shovel and ice scraper are available beside the shed, please return them there. All animals must be on leash while visiti

Thank you for a wonderful 2019 season!

The Growing Center had a busy and beautiful 2019 season. As our major renovation and redesign completed in the early spring, we benefited from the generous work of so many friends, volunteers, and community partners to get the space ready to re-open and for our jam-packed summer programming to begin! And that incredible support and dedication only continued as the season went along. We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this possible and want to share a few moments from the year that couldn't have happened without you. Thank you all, and we look forward to growing a green and vibrant 2020 together!

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