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What's Blooming: Garden updates and news!

Brown Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia triloba), Groundsel Tree (Baccharis halimifolia), Goldenrod (various species) and asters (Symphyotrichum leave) are quickly ending blooming and setting seeds. Seeds for animals and birds, stalks for overwintering insects will be left where they are.

Tree leaves and sticks, will be used for mulch in our garden beds.

Garlic has been planted and there are some hardier greens and spinach in the raised beds. We will cover those before the frost. Please feel free to peel back the cover and harvest.

With grant monies from the YMCA, we prepared a bed and planted garlic with the preschoolers. Together we dug in the soil, found grubs, worms, planted garlic, and mulched the garden with salt marsh. They made a beautiful hand painted sign with the word garlic represented in the home languages of the families.

The center continues to be used daily by many early childhood partners including; Somerville Family Learning Collaborative, Early Head Start, Head Start Allen St, Community Preschool, and YMCA Preschool. The sandbox has been cleaned up and repaired, with new curbstones added to walk, balance and explore. Loose part items are available to all visitors in the green shed. Real tools to use are an important part of play; push brooms, rakes, scissors and watering cans are available to use.

Sabrina Pilet-Jones from Sabrina's Garden joined us on a beautiful and sunny fall day, sharing tea and community with a blend of herbs from the garden.

With the support of the Mountain Rose Herbal Grant we are working on expanding aspects to our herb growing; volunteers have dried herbs for programs, made Lemon Balm tincture and calendula oil. We have connected with Outdoor Afro for a garden OA event November 6th, where folks can share a cup of fresh brewed herbal tea, and experience nature journaling. Free copies of Angela Rahim's book, Sam the Junior Herbalist will be available for families who attend. This winter we plan to host virtual and in person programming around herbs and health for everyone.


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