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  • Liza Kitchell

Our 2020 Summer Music Series Kicks Off With Receita de Samba!

Receita de Samba playing music in the garden.

The Growing Center’s Summer Music Series went virtual this year when Mayor Joe cancelled all events city-wide. I asked the Arts Council if we could record some of our scheduled performances and make a series of “virtual concerts.” The Arts Council consented, so we asked three of our favorites “acts” to come record a “show” in the garden. Receita de Samba, was recorded on July 3rd and features singers Anna Borges and Bill Ward as well as the Pollinator Garden in full bloom. I’m so glad that Anna convinced me to take pictures of the garden to use in the videos, because it was particularly beautiful that afternoon. And, yes, there is a bunny in one video, and the birds started singing with Bill and Anna. We so wish that you could have been there, too! But perhaps you take Receita’s music into your own garden or a park nearby, and enjoy an afternoon of Brazilian music on your own schedule. You can find the complete set of 11 songs on our website, here! Hang in there! We’ll make it through this together,


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