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  • Becca Leibowitz

Somerville Family Learning Collaborative Brings Storytime to the Garden

Laughing children in the playgroup room; doors swinging open and shut as staff head out on home visits; the friendly greetings of families and staff walking through the halls. These are the sounds of the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative (SFLC)––or at least, they used to be, before COVID-19.

A picture of the book "Planting a Rainbow" set on the ground next to vegetables, a cutting board, and nature scavenger hunt instructions.

Now, we hear the ringing of our cell phones; the tapping of the computer keyboard; the daily noises of our own homes. But the connections and the relationships that flourished before are not lost: we see the smiling faces of children and families via video chat; read families’ greetings and comments on our Facebook page; and hear the sound of each other’s voices through phone calls and Zoom meetings. It’s a new world, but one thing remains the same: the connections and relationships at the heart of the SFLC remain our number one priority.

Becca sitting on a bench in the raised bed section of the garden, holding the book, "Planting a Rainbow."

So it goes without saying that when Paula Jordan of the Growing Center offered the beautiful space for us to record some playgroup videos, we were very excited! Excited to connect with this wonderful part of the Somerville community, and excited to remind our SFLC families that the Growing Center is a fantastic resource for them––yet another point of connection.

SFLC filming their book reading at the Growing Center.

Someday there will again be the in-person hustle and bustle we know and love as the SFLC. But until then, the heart of the SFLC continues to beat as we work to maintain and strengthen connections with the children and families of Somerville.


To learn more about the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative, please visit their website or their Facebook page. You can enjoy the video the SFLC created this summer at the Growing Center on their Facebook page, and here:

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