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The Poetry Corner

The Growing Center's Poetry Corner

We asked the poets who have been part of the Growing Center's Poetry in the Garden reading series for poems, either their own or by others, to help get us through these uncertain times. Here are a few:

Susan Donnolly offered one of her own poems:

"A Morning Moon" is memory, or doubt something leftover in the heart, regret perhaps, or a thought lingering like dust on a half-erased blackboard a reminder of sorrow even for one who hours earlier had watched from an east-facing window as day stretched and woke who as usual whispered "rosy-fingered dawn" just to please herself.

Allison Adair suggested Wendell Berry's "The Peace of Wild Things." This link includes audio of him reading it.

Somerville Poet Laureate Lloyd Schwartz recommended "Autumn" by John Keats, a lovely tribute to nature, though a different season. Available here from the Poetry​ ​Foundation. (This website is a wonderful compendium of poems, some with audio, that can be searched by poet or theme.)

And, Jennifer Barber sent this:

"Rainbow Lake" You walked on ahead. I wanted to go back. One other car in the lot; a man got in and drove it away. A bank of mist slid past the mountain. Thunder against the Divide; thunder and blue lightning. The ancient Hebrew god leapt to mind, intimate, everywhere. And Elijah on the slope after the fire, after the shattering.

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