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  • Paula Jordan

S L O W Birding

Morning science–Eating toast while observing the crows and birds and plants in our urban yard and discussion about it all.

Spring is here, birds are becoming more active. Looking and listening to birds is something most of us can do, from a porch, city street, back yard, or window.

This is my friends’ son, quietly sitting by a window in their home, eating toast and watching the crows in their yard. Jenn writes about their morning science and why birding like this is so great:

This month is an awesome time to be birding because Spring is just starting! And from a window, the birds cannot see you, so they won't fly away. :)

Look for a group of birds from the window, even if they are common. Watch their behavior and see if they interact with other birds, are looking for food, or looking for nest material.

Usually rare birds are hanging out with chickadees, so if you see chickadees, keep watching them.

We saw crows this morning and they were interacting with some other smaller birds, plus perhaps looking for nest material.

From watching birds for awhile out the window... maybe you can also note what time of day it is, if there are other animals around (squirrels, or neighborhood cats?), are any plants starting to change?

You can do a drawing what you see and/or write about it!

There is a term for this kind of’s called Slow Birding. Bird Diva, Bridget Butler explains:

S L O W birding is birding right where you are.

S L O W birding is a deeper way of looking and listening.

S L O W birding deepens our connection to our place; urban nature, city streets, backyards, and front yards.

S L O W birding is good for our health.

So choose your sit spot; a place you can get to easily, a window in your apartment, or even your front steps, and sit down and wait and watch and listen. The birds have something to say.

––Paula Jordan, Children in Nature Coordinator at the Somerville Community Growing Center

Thanks to Jenn Pici Falk for sharing the photo and her family S L O W Birding.


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