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Together, let's keep building community and growing hope

Flowers growing from within a watering can at the Growing Center.

A week ago, not long after Somerville got directions to stay put in our homes, I looked out my kitchen window and saw my neighbors on the front porch banging on pots and pans. I opened my window (at a safe distance of 6 feet) and asked them, “What are you doing?” “Didn't you hear?” they asked. "At 6:55 the neighborhood is supposed to come out and make noise or music.” I ran to the living room and grabbed my grandfather’s ocarina and joined them in a plaintive sort of song. Then neighbors from across the street came out with trumpet, clarinet, and drums, and soon our feelings of isolation were changed into feelings of community, one that will stick together and get us through this Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking of community, the Growing Center is closed during the pandemic, and we are not able to gather as the COMMUNITY Growing Center. We, the board, are committed to doing the right thing during this highly unusual time in order to keep the community safe. Because we cannot gather in person at this time, we are creating a virtual gathering place for our community on our social media. Look for weekly posts from board members as we share activities that get us outdoors, tips on spring gardening, poetry and music to make us smile, and anything else that inspires us. Stay safe and be well!

Liza Kitchell, president of the FCGC Board

This week, I’d like to share two humorous songs about the pandemic:

Everything’s Closed” (a rewrite of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”) Sophie’s Smokin’ Squeezebox (Sophie Crafts)

Flatten the Curve, a Coronavirus Song” (rewrite of “Fathom the Bowl”) The Longest Johns

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