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Volunteer Committees and Teams

Volunteers = the vitality and future of the Somerville Community Growing Center.The Friends of the Community Growing Center thank you for considering a contribution of your time and talents!There are many options, and you do not need to limit yourself to any one, so please explore the full range below, organized by category:

Friends of the Community Growing Center organization:

  • Consider joining one of the Board Committees listed below.

  • Help with short term 25th Anniversary Committee, to celebrate 25 years of service!

  • Consider joining the Board; annual elections are in the Fall.

  • Consider becoming an elected officer; elections in the Fall.

Site Maintenance and Restoration/Renovation:

  • Join the Site Committee, to help coordinate the energies needed to maintain the site to meet the wide range of human uses, in addition to the ecological functions.

  • Join the Restoration/Restoration Committee, to help implement and guide the CPA funded renovation project, Spring 2018-Fall 2019.

  • Become a weekly Watering Angel, to assist with watering and other garden tasks on a weekly schedule from May-Sept.

  • As part of the Compost Crew, ensure that the composting center is kept in good running order and creating finished compost to use on site to revitalize soils.

  • Join the Garden Team, to plant and tend the annual garden beds and containers, as well as perennial areas of the Center. A few hours on Saturday mornings in the early spring, other times flexible.

  • Be part of Mushroom Maintenance and Monitoring, to help with pilot shitake mushroom growing.

Fundraising and Finances:

  • Join the Fundraising Committee, to coordinate raising of funds to 1) complement the CPA funding to complete the renovation, 2) cover basic operating costs and 3) to support 25th anniversary celebrations.

  • Volunteer as a Fundraising Event Coordinator (short term), to help the Committee implement ideas. Options include: Fall Bulb Sale (Aug-Oct), Wreath Project (Oct-first week in Dec), Seed Sales (Jan-March)

  • Assist Treasurer with Accounting and Record Keeping.

Outreach and Communication:

  • Join the Outreach and Communication Committee, to help get out the word about Growing Center events and resources to the wider community. Would especially welcome language and cultural connections!

  • Organize FCGC Database, to help keep track of volunteers and volunteer contributions.

  • Like data; help FCGC develop a Public Usage Tracking System and help implement. We have some support from MIT grad students for some methods they will share!

  • Be part of the Community Event Tabling Team, to host a table at events throughout the year to educate & actively engage community members, at Center and around the city.

  • Help with Flyer Distribution, covering a specific area of the city when we have special flyers to share.

  • Assist with Social Media and Marketing, getting the word out to diverse groups about opportunities.

Culture and Education:

  • Join the Program Committee, to guide and carry out educational and cultural events in keeping with the mission of the Growing Center.

  • Be an Event Host, to serve as the site contact and greeter for Calendar events to make sure everyone comfortable, safe and able to participate-and leaves knowing about the Center’s other opportunities.

  • To share your skills, Offer an Educational or Cultural Program, in coordination with the Program Committee.

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