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  • Eidy Williams

Virtual Yoga for Kids Comes to the Growing Center!

Yoga con Eidy! Yoga with Eidy, image of Eidy doing yoga at the Growing Center.

Hi Growing Center friends! My name is Eidy and I work as a Head Start Education Specialist and Teacher's Coach and––as of recently––a Children’s Yoga Teacher. I love practicing mindfulness!!! I had noticed its wonderful effects on my own life and feelings. "WOW!!!" I thought, "This amazing thing needs to be spread and shared with every being alive in this world."

And so, first, I wanted to start with my community: Our Somerville/Cambridge Head Start children, families, and staff!

Last summer, I started a pilot mindfulness program for some of our childcare classrooms, and during the regular school year I continued to introduce, share, and practice yoga!!

In our practice, I tried to have conversations about kindness, compassion, love, and how all of this can help our own well being and that of others, too!!

Let’s make the world a better place!


To watch and enjoy the wonderful kids yoga sessions that Eidy filmed with us at the Growing Center this summer, please go here!

We are incredibly grateful to Eidy for sharing this with us, and with our Growing Center community.

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