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  • Paula Jordan

Unlearning Thanksgiving

As we get closer to the November holiday, the Growing Center would like to share our Land Acknowledgment and some resources to unlearn the myths and stories of this day through the voices of Indigenous Peoples.

The Somerville Community Growing Center would like to acknowledge the Massachusetts Tribe. The Tribe of Indigenous peoples from whom the Colony, Province, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts have taken their name. We would like to pay our respect to the ancestral bloodline of the Massachusetts tribe and their descendants who still inhabit historical Massachusetts tribe territories to this day.

We would also like to share this collection of writings and videos that has been put together by the I-Collective to help unlearn the white colonized version of history surrounding the holiday, and better understand the history of Indigenous people of the land now called North America.

Thank you to Neftalí Duran and the I-Collective for sharing these resources.


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