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Bow Making Workshop - Volunteers Wanted!

The Growing Center is hosting a Bow Making Workshop on Sunday, November 12th from 3:00 to 5:00 at the home of Liza Kitchell, 50 Oxford Street, Somerville. All are invited, including families with children.

For info call 617 628-6685 or email

The bows go on our holidays wreathes, which we sell in December. This is one of our most important yearly fundraisers. That is why we are asking for volunteers to help us make the bows!

At the workshop, we will teach you how to make a holiday bow. When you leave, we will give you supplies and instructions to make 7bows at home. We ask that you drop them off at Liza’s house no later than Saturday November, 27th.

It will probably take an hour to learn how to make a bow and get your supplies. Refreshments will be provided. We thank you in advance for your help! You put the community in the Growing Center!

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