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"Flight Song Collective" Seeks Volunteers

Flight Song Collective

Wanted: Creative people to join the Flight Song Collective!

The Collective is working on a two-part project…



Sanctuary Garden

What: We’re making the Somerville Community Growing Center a welcoming place for our insect friends by providing nesting sites and designing & planting a garden with lots of irresistible pollen

and nectar sources

Meetup times: Monday afternoons from 3-5 pm from April 24-June 26. Summer & fall meeting times to be determined (TBD).

Meetup location: The Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville

(near Union Square)

Who: This is group learning project for gardeners and insect lovers. We are especially in need of participants with a willingness to contribute by doing some of their own research on beneficial insects and plants & nesting sites to support them.

Prayer Flags

What: We’re creating beautiful prayer flags to hang at the Growing Center

Meet-up times and locations: TBD (i.e. the details are still being worked out). We will most likely meet on the weekends or weekday evenings.

Who: We are in need of people who like to craft, as well as people who know a thing or two about prayer flags. Perhaps someone with crafting skills would like to lead a flag making workshop?!?


Volunteers are welcome to help with either part of the project.

Youth ages 12+ are especially encouraged to join us!

Hopefully we’ll have fun and create something beautiful. If we can raise awareness about the plight of our insect friends and inspire others to take action, that is a definite bonus.

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