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The Growing Center's Future: A Public Participation Meeting

The Growing Center's Future: A Public Participation Meeting: Friday, January 20th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm @ Somerville Public Library (79 Highland Ave).

Need a dash of hope? Want to have a voice in our community? Be part of the redesign process of the Somerville Community Growing Center! The Friends of the Community Growing Center want to share with the broader community what has been happening around CPA funded redesign for this city green space. Hours of site mapping, community design meetings, and on-site education/planning days have all led to a vision we're proud of. We are inviting the community to come and hear about some of the results like designs that can sustainably promote urban agriculture and urban ecology into the future, while supporting community building and expanding recreational opportunities for all ages. At this meeting there will be a short presentation that will provide an overview and current update of where the redesign process presently stands and next steps to bring the designs to life. Following the presentation will be opportunities to ask questions and learn how to get involved.


The Somerville Community Growing Center, a quarter-acre site near Union Square, Somerville, was created 20 years ago as an “urban oasis” for environmental education and cultural performances. Over the past two decades of active use, the Growing Center’s landscape has changed: trees have grown to shade the site, limiting where the Growing Center can grow food for urban agriculture; the lawn has been compacted by heavy equipment and use; and wooden structures are reaching the end of their natural life span.

Funding from the City of Somerville's Community Preservation Act has made possible an 18 month process to address the needs of the Center to complement the needs of the Somerville population. Eva Leung and Adam Davenport of permaculture design firm, Terra Cura Inc. have been working with the Friends group to engage the broader community in a regenerative redesign of the Growing Center space. This is where YOU come in. Please help to shape its future. You can learn more about the Redesign Process online here. Please send any questions to Erica Jones​​

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