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Volunteers Needed for Gathering of Fairies

A Gathering of Fairies will take place at the Growing Center on Sunday September 18 from 2-4 pm.

This event is organized and run by FCGC volunteers (that’s us!). It is a fundraiser for the Growing Center. Can you help? We are currently looking for volunteers to help…

Ahead of time by:

-Gathering materials for fairy houses and wands: The materials must be natural, biodegradable, compostable. (The fairies are very particular about this).

-For fairy wands: fairy-wand-size sticks (our fairies can use wands that are about 20 inches, give or take half a foot) and dried flowers and any other natural materials that can be affixed to a wand with yarn or ribbon.

-For fairy houses: twigs, sticks, bark, pods, pinecones, feathers, stones, shells and such

-Organizing and gathering materials for an activity. If you have an idea of your own for a fairy activity and a bit of time to organize it, by all means let us know. Your input is appreciated and encouraged.

The day of the event by:

-face painting – we are very much in need of face painters!!!! -helping with setup and decorating (noon-2 pm) -helping with breakdown (4-5 pm) -guiding fairy house construction, wand decorating, write a letter to the fairies or other activity (we will need you from roughly 1:30-4:30) -helping “as needed”

Festive or fairy dress is encouraged!

Please contact Erica if you can help. Thanks in advance for donating your time—it would not happen without you!

Aileen Bellwood Friends of the Community Growing Center Volunteer

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