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Gabion Installation Update

Gabion Cage:

Terra Cura, Inc. made good progress on the cage installation with YouthBuild USA, see process pictures on our Facebook page:

We had to make on-site adjustments to the cages, as the spiral bindings that connect the sides of the wire mesh gets in the way of the stones, preventing them from sitting flush against the wire mesh. As such, we had to replace all the spirals (visible from the front) with wire tires manually, which was labor intensive and time consuming. That being said, we hit the milestone as planned, positioned all the cages and having the cages partially filled to keep them in position.

We anticipate 2 additional days to complete the fill and we are seeking volunteers - 2 for each day - to help us on June 17th and 18th work day. If you are able to volunteer, please email Erica at

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