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Come be a part of the Harvest Festival!!

The Somerville Community Growing Center's Harvest Festival/ Fiesta de la Cosecha/ Festival da Colheita/ Festival Rekòt/ फसल महोत्सव September 29th, 2019, 2:30-5pm, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville, MA Free to all, donations welcome!

Celebrate Pollinators and Migration! In honor of all the creatures and people who make harvest of the food we eat daily possible, come join in a visual and auditory feast and participatory activities.

Creation of the Turtle Table mosaic.

Enjoy pumpkin decorating and touring the garden beds of native pollinators and herbs from around the world. Learn more about local impacts of climate change. Make a butterfly button or set of colorful wings highlighting the artwork of Favianna Rodriguez's "Migration is Beautiful" project and our own mosaics by Emily Bhargava, including the new Turtle Table.

2:30-5pm: Garden Tours, Pumpkin Decorating, and Butterfly Making Activities 2:30-3pm: "Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to Communicate" book reading with local author Sara Levine, learn about how plants attract pollinators 3-4pm: Music by Sawaari, ride a musical landscape of global rhythms and sounds. Learn more about Sawaari here.

Sawaari music

Thanks to the following individuals/organizations for their support: Emily Bhargava, Sara Levine, Sawaari, Somerville Immigrant Service Providers Group, Matahari Women Workers' Center, Green and Open Somerville. Image credit: "Migration is Beautiful" stencil pattern by Favianna Rodriguez

The Growing Center in late summer, 2019

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