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Celebrate Screen-Free Week: Unplug & Play

From April 30 - May 6, 2018, children, families, entire schools, and communities will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen. Plan to unplug from digital entertainment and spend all that free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends! The Growing Center has some great upcoming events that you can enjoy and unplug from the digital world! Keep reading on to check those out!

Flight Song Collective Monday, April 30th, 2:45pm-4:45pm

The Collective is making the garden a sanctuary for pollinators and other beneficial insects. Adults and teens are welcome to join us at the Growing Center! A full list of our upcoming events are online here!

Spring Garden Day Saturday, May 5th, 2pm-4pm

Be part of the 24th annual spring event to celebrate spring, gardening and community. Free seeds and/or seedling exchange—bring along any extras you have to share with other gardeners and go home with some new varieties. There will be music and fun hands-on demos! Come to also enjoy the traditional spring season dances of the Red Herring and Pipe Dreams Morris Dance teams. Join the annual Maypole Dance, part of the ritual of looking forward to a fertile, productive season in the gardens of Somerville. Contact: Lisa at

More ideas to enjoy while being unplugged...

Mayor Joe Curtatone puts out a challenge to Somervillians to address the harmful impacts of increased screen time by getting outside and playing more! "We know that one of the best ways to decrease screen time is to seek out alternative activities, and Somerville has no shortage of them," says Curtatone. This is absolutely true and The Growing Center hosts many seasonal activities to combat this exact concern! Read the full article and more ideas online here.

Take on the "No App for Life" challenge posed by documentary filmmaker Joni Siani who recently presented at Tufts University! The alarming amount of screen time is addressed in his project, "No App for Life" which focuses on why we feel emotionally disconnected, and provides empowering strategies and simple changes for more fulfilling, balanced, and authentic human connectivity within the digital landscape. Read more online here.

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