Support the Growing Center's SeedMoney™ Campaign

The Growing Center has applied for, and been approved, for a 2020 Garden Challenge Grant from SeedMoney!

Starting Sunday, Nov. 15, we have 30 days to collect online donations and qualify for our Challenge Grant. 

To learn more, or to make a donation, please go here. Or, keep reading!

Our proposed Garden Project will help expand our food and herb production gardens at the Growing Center, including adding a new demonstration/raised bed area to make visible the methods that are being used successfully in New England for rooftop gardens. The Project will also add another element to our programming, which engages community members––ranging from pre-school age kids to adults––in learning about how food and herbs are grown, how to care for and harvest them, and how to share the bulk of our produce through local food security efforts (such as delivering to the local women's shelter or pre-school programs for low-income families). The herbs and food grown represent not only nutrient rich produce, but familiar foods from across the many cultures and countries represented by our local residents. 

The funds from this campaign will be used largely for the cost of soil to fill new raised beds, fashioned from plastic crates, as well as to top off some of the existing raised beds. With this expanded bed capacity, we can continue to serve the community as a hands-on learning and education site, as well as contribute to local food security efforts. We envision even more children bringing their families and friends to the Growing Center to enjoy the urban green space of this forest garden and to be able to take home herbs and produce to enjoy and savor, as well as to increase the distributions to food security partners.

Our campaign will receive whatever funds we raise regardless of whether we reach our funding goal or receive a grant.

Visit our grant page at SeedMoney to make a donation today!

SeedMoney, a Maine-based nonprofit providing grants, crowdfunding opportunities and training to food garden projects across the country and around the world, is offering 315 grants this year, the most ever, which means that our project stands an excellent chance of winning a grant if we meet our goal!

Thank you for your support!