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Support the Growing Center's SeedMoney™ Campaign

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Growing Center's SeedMoney Challenge Campaign in 2022! 

The Growing Center's campaign collected $3,200 from 48 different donors through SeedMoney's competitive crowdsourced fundraiser between November 15 and December 15. Our rankings among all the competitors at the end of the challenge earned us an additional $400 grant from SeedMoney, totaling our final award to $3,600 - our Best Year Ever! 

To learn more, read about the campaign here. Or check out our description below!

This garden project will help expand our herb production and related programming at the Growing Center. It will build on lessons from our programming these past two years to engage pre-schoolers to adults in learning about how herbs are grown, how to care for and harvest them, and how they can be used for culinary and well-being in our lives. The herbs grown will represent culinary standards, as well as demonstrate herbs used across the many cultures and countries represented by our local residents. It is critical that our communities offer access to safe and healing green spaces where folks can connect with birds, insects, plants and soil. Herbs are an easy entry into learning about gardening and nature, a way to find common ground, community, and to recognize and celebrate our differences and diversity. 

With additional SeedMoney funding, we meaningfully engaged staff, parents and kids from local early childhood health and literacy promoting organizations, providing a source of fresh herbs and growing space. Local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color herbalists lead workshops and events at the Growing Center. We made herbal products such as tinctures, glycerites and salves to share. And, we continued working towards a more reciprocal relationship with the land, honoring that the Center is located on Land of the Massachusetts Tribe, the Indigenous Peoples from whom the Colony, Province, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts have taken their name. 

SeedMoney, a Maine-based nonprofit providing grants, crowdfunding opportunities and training to food garden projects across the country and around the world, is offering 315 grants this year, the most ever, which means that our project stands an excellent chance of winning a grant if we meet our goal!

Thank you for your support!

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