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How to Compost 101

The Growing Center has a handful of Earth Machine composters available for residents to drop off their scraps. The composters are located in the far left corner of the site. Most organic matter can be composted. We ask that residents do NOT put the following items in our composters:

  • dairy

  • meat

  • compostable plastics

While these items can be composted at a larger facility, they will not do very well in our earth machines.

We have just a few rules established to keep our compost bins healthy.

  1. Find the Earth Machine labeled "Active compost". This is the bin you will want to use. Non labeled bins are typically covered up and full. If the active compost bin is full, please contact Leilani at

  2. After putting your scraps into the active Earth Machine. Use the compost crank to aerate the compost bin. This will prevent the composter from being overrun with anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria gives off a terrible smell. A healthy compost bin will be full of aerobic bacteria and should have an earthy smell.

  3. Once you have mixed in your organic matter and aerated the bin, you will need to add a 2-inch layer of organic matter rich in carbon. Next to the earth machines are garbage cans filled with chicken shavings. These can be used as your carbon source.

  4. After you have added the 2 inches of chicken shavings, you can put the Earth Machine lid back on. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our compost bin healthy.

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