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To join a team, you'll first attend one of our volunteer orientations (sign up here!), where you'll learn how to best use and help take care of the site. After your orientation, you will be able to access the site independently of events. Orientations happen twice a month, in season, and last about an hour. Orientations are also available if you’d like to host an event onsite or lead a work-day.

Volunteer Teams

We use a team model. Some teams maintain discrete parts of the site. Others promote and support programs hosted onsite. We also have special projects related to the Growing Center’s history and future, and teams work behind the scenes to accomplish its mission.




By joining a team––or more than one––you can have significant impact on this unique community site!


Our teams include: Site Team (Garden Team, Watering Angels, Compost Team, Snow Team); Fundraising & Finances; Communications Crew; Cultural and Educational Programs; and Open Hours and Event Hosts.

Site Team:

  • Help coordinate the energies needed to maintain the site to meet the wide range of human uses, in addition to the ecological functions.

  • Become a weekly Watering Angel, to assist with watering and other garden tasks on a weekly schedule from May–Sept. Join the Garden Team, to plant and tend the annual garden beds and containers, as well as perennial areas of the Center. As part of the Compost Team, ensure that the composting system is kept in good running order and creating finished compost to use on site to revitalize soils. The Snow Team helps clear snow in the winter so that Open Hours and children's groups can continue to visit the site in all weather.


Fundraising & Finances:

  • Help coordinate raising of funds to cover basic operating costs. Or assist our Treasurer with accounting and record keeping.

  • Volunteer as a fundraising event coordinator to help the Committee with projects such as our Wreath Project (Oct-first week in Dec) and Seed Sale (Jan-March).


Communication Crew:


  • Help get out the word about Growing Center events and resources to the wider community. Assist with social media and promotion, getting the word out to diverse groups about opportunities. Would especially welcome language and cultural connections! Help with flyer distribution, covering a specific area of the city when we have special flyers to share.

  • Host our outreach table at events throughout the year to educate and actively engage community members.

Cultural and Educational Programs:

  • Help guide and carry out educational and cultural events in keeping with the mission of the Growing Center.

  • Be an Event Host, to serve as the site contact and greeter for calendar events to make sure everyone is comfortable, safe, able to participate, and leaves knowing about the Center’s other opportunities.


Open Hours and Event Hosts:

  • Volunteer to host Open Hours, held on Saturday, Sunday and some weekdays.

  • Host the garden at times when it is otherwise closed, and keep it open for the public.