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Ongoing Programming and Projects at the Growing Center

The Growing Center's Virtual Programming

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Wellness in the Garden

Qigong with Martha Oesch:

The Growing Center is pleased to add to our "Wellness in the Garden" series, with two Qigong sessions, featuring our friend Martha Oesch, a certified Qigong instructor, who led a class for us one evening last summer.


People asked if we could offer it again, so Martha has shared with us for your enjoyment!


Session 1:


In this video, Martha demonstrates some basic movements for relaxation and stress release (tapping, shaking, water waves and bamboo in the wind).

Session 2:

The Growing Center is delighted to add to our second "Qigong with Martha" video as a part of our "Wellness in the Garden" series.


In this second video, Martha deepens the work of Session 1, with stretches and movements to help you connect with your energy and the summer season.


These exercises are appropriate for all ages and abilities, and can be modified to meet your needs. To learn about online Qigong classes with Martha Oesch, please contact her at

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