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Wellness in the Garden

Growing Center Community Learning: Nature and Mental Health with Andi Dickmeyer

Spending time with nature is shown to be good for your mental health. Andi Dickmeyer received a Thomas J. Watson grant in 2019 to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, England, Scotland, Hungary, and Japan, and explored the various ways that people connect with nature for their own mental wellbeing. Andi's presentation will discuss nature-based therapeutic practices found all over the world, including: forest bathing, nature art, adventure therapy, and horticultural therapy. She'll offer ideas and examples of how to include these in your own self-care practices. Andi received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Hamilton College, and currently works as a field mentor at a wilderness therapy organization for young adults.


Join Andi and the Growing Center's Lisa Brukilacchio for this Zoom event on Sunday, January 10, at 3:30pm, to learn and discuss topics on mental wellness and nature.


Register in advance for this event:

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