Annual Meeting: Wrap-up of 2021, Looking Ahead to 2022 and Beyond

On January 30, the Friends of the Community Growing Center held our Annual Meeting over Zoom to an audience of about two dozen, where we reported out our accomplishments and challenges from 2021, shared fundraising and financial data, presented the budget for the year ahead and approved the proposed slate of Board Members and Officers. We were joined by Special Guest R. Mason, Public Outreach Coordinator for the City’s relatively new Department of Racial and Social Justice, who shared with us the plans his office has for being not just a sounding board but also a community partner and resource for individuals, groups and organizations across Somerville looking to help make the City a more equitable place. He then engaged the participants in a powerful conversation centered on how the Growing Center can more effectively reach out to under served communities, work together to amplify our communications to a broader audience, and empower others’ voices while projecting our own.


We encourage you to watch the Annual Meeting in its entirety here!

The Passcode is =hj6Nm4n (it includes the = sign).


Attended the meeting? Already watched the recording? Go here to take our Post-meeting Survey & Volunteer Call to Action!


The Growing Center in 2021, by the Numbers:

Unique volunteers: 428

Volunteer orientations: 13

Volunteer work day sessions: 24

Group training sessions (partner orgs): 19 Total

Open Hours: 377, avg. 32/mon